About Us

Alsafwa Arabia gives Arabic language lessons and certificate of Koran recitation for all ages over Skype video.

alsafwa Arabia provides students with free books, tools and literatures. These services will make it easier for students to understand.
Alsafwa Arabia also provides students and parents an adequate reports to monitor the student’s progress, student’s level and course payments.

The lesson will be given over Skype video or zoom while the teacher will illustrate over shared white board.
Each lesson will be given to only one student per each.

Alsafwa Arabia offers free lesson for new users. Registration will be renewed on monthly basis.

All payments must be made every month.

Alsafwa Arabia teacher will do the evaluation for the student after the student’s first free lesson, so the teacher will determine the student’s level and the course length.

It’s the student’s free will to determine the lesson’s time and how many lessons per week. Agreement will be decided upon teacher’s availability.